Musician and artist Michael Garfield in conversation with Ken Wilber on the topic of integral art.
This interview effectively takes up where "To See a World: Art and the I of the Beholder" leaves off, by addressing such questions as: What is integral art, how do we know when we are looking at or listening to it, and what distinguishes it from earlier postmodern movements? Part I of the three-part interview offers insightful commentary on the relationship of music and psyche from an integral perspective.


In addition to the audio files, the above archive site also includes a transcript in .doc format of the interview containing explanatory notes for those unfamiliar with Wilber's dense and specific philosophical language. It is also downloadable in PDF format by clicking on the first page image below.
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An elucidation of the colour-coding of developmental states used in Spiral Dynamics, referenced in the Garfield-Wilber interview, can be downloaded here in PDF format:
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